NBC's American Ninja Warrior will return to Philadelphia in 2018, the network has announced.

According to American Ninja Warrior Nation, the show, in which athletes compete to see who can complete an insane obstacle course fastest,  will return to Philly for two episodes in Season 10. Athletes will  compete on the obstacle course built at the Richmond Power Plant on the Delaware River, as they did in 2016.

The show will come to town in May, NBC reports. Potential ninjas should submit applications online before Jan. 2.

American Ninja Warrior was in Philadelphia in its  eighth season, which the Inquirer last year reported brought out some 130 contestants. No participants finished the City Finals course, a first in ANW history. Four women, however, qualified for the course. The Philly visit was also the first time viewers met Jesse Labreck, a fan favorite who made the Las Vegas finals as a rookie.

According to NBC, On Camera Audiences will provide fans with information on how they can view the competition in person as the date approaches.