Peter Maldonado and co. will be back for more juvenile crime scene investigation. Netflix now has renewed American Vandal for a second season.

Created by Exton native Tony Yacenda and buddy Dan Perrault, American Vandal made waves on Netflix following its debut in September thanks to its serious take on an exceedingly jokey crime involving spray painted penises on 27 cars in the faculty parking lot of a high school left reeling in the incident's wake.

The first season of the show followed student journalist Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) as he investigates the crime and attempts to absolve senior Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro), a troubled stoner kid who everyone thinks did it.

The show is a parody for true crime, like Netflix's own Making a Murder. ""The satire works because it's not a murder, and the goal is to get you to really care about the crime even though it's essentially an elaborate … joke," Yacenda told the Inquirer earlier this month. "If you can get an audience to care about [graffiti of male genitalia], I think that is a satire worth making."

What the show's upcoming season will focus on has not yet been announced, and Yacenda earlier this month said he couldn't say whether season two would continue focusing on Dylan. However, he was confident about the potential quality of the show's second season.

"There are still so many tropes of true-crime documentaries and so many other high school stories that we haven't told," Yacenda said. "We're pretty confident we can make a second season much stronger than the first."