Bam Margera's pregnant wife made a valiant attempt to rescue a young deer stuck in a pond on their Chester County property Thursday , but the animal died by the time firefighters arrived to help.

Margera, the West Chester native who rose to fame on his skateboard while appearing in MTV's Jackass, posted photos on Instagram of his wife, Nicole Boyd Margera, trying to rescue the deer about 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening.

"Bam and I got home from the gym and we saw this little deer laying in the pond," Nicole Boyd Margera said Friday when reached by phone. "He was super tired and wanted to put his head down in the water. We didn't want him to drown right in front of us."

The two of them jumped into the water and immediately became stuck in a quicksand-like mud. Bam was able to make it out and call 911, she said.

"A deer stuck in my pond," Margera posted about the inciden on Instagram. The photos show Boyd Margera, who is 16 weeks pregnant with a baby boy the couple plans to name Phoenix, cradling the head of the deer while standing in water above her knees.

Rescue crews from First West Chester and Fame Fire companies responded along with Good Fellowship ambulance and West Chester police.

The rescue crews wanted to get her out first but Boyd Margera asked that they try and rescue the deer first. She was able to put a rope around the fawns neck and get a flotation device under its chest. The deer may have died while she was holding him, she said.

"He was so weak and so tired already," she said. The couple does not know how long the fawn was in the pond. He was partially obscured by bushes when Bam spotted him, she added.

The deer didn't make it, said Mike McDonald, Chief of West Chester Fire Department when reached by phone Friday.

"It was deceased by the time we got there," he said.

The young deer was probably in the last moments of its life when Boyd attempted the rescue. McDonald did not know how long the deer struggled in the muddy pond, he said.

"She tried. She gave it the effort," he said about Boyd's failed attempt that ended up with her mired in waist-deep mud.

"We saved her, though,"McDonald said. "She is safe. She is fine."

The dead deer was turned over to the West Chester police. According to protocol, the state Game commission would be called in to dispose of the carcass, McDonald said.

"It was so nice of them to come," said Boyd Margera about the rescue crews.

Boyd Margera said they have seen plenty of deer and other wildlife including beaver, geese, ducks and a snapping turtle on their property.

"We have a lot of critters," Boyd Margera said.