Back in February, Eagles running back Corey Clement helped bring home Philadelphia's first Lombardi Trophy following the Birds' Super Bowl LII win. And now, he's bringing us the weather.

Clement stopped by Fox 29 on Wednesday morning, where he jumped the the air to lend a hand to weatherperson Sue Serio for a seven-day forecast. As he told viewers, at the end of the day, it's going to rain, which Serio noted officially makes him a weatherman.

"I don't know when it's going to rain, but it's going to rain," Clement joked. Following his appearance, the running back tweeted that weather forecasts aren't as easy as they look.

Clement went on to give an analysis of Fox 29's Doppler radar screen during which he noted that "all the clouds are moving that way," meaning to the east, and gave a shoutout to New York for its lack of inclement weather. Philadelphians, Clement recommended, should stay inside due to the rain.

The running back did such a good job, Serio asked if he'd take over for her during vacations. Clement noted that "if they're paying good, I'll be here."

Eagles Corey Clement delivers the weather forecast

CHAMPIONSHIP FORECAST: Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement stopped by to help us out with the weather forecast. He’s calling for some rain, with a possibility of another Super Bowl run. #FlyEaglesFly MORE:

Posted by FOX 29 on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

According to Clement's seven-day forecast, the Philadelphia area will see highs in the 50s and 60s this week, as well as showers on Thursday and Friday, which marks the start of Passover. Easter Sunday will see a high of 56, according to the forecast.

"Enjoy your meal. Eat slow," Clement said of the holiday.

"That was a championship weather forecast," Serio said following Clement's on-air run. "Good job."

According to a Fox 29 spokesperson, Clement's appearance was spontaneous. Serio pulled the running back on at the last minute for the forecast because Clement was standing in front of the Doppler green screen. It took a little convincing on Serio's part to get him to do it, but she convinced him, and Philly finally got its weather from a Super Bowl champ.

Clement was actually at Fox 29 to promote a fashion show fundraiser at Glassboro High School, his alma mater. The fashion show will help raise funds for the schools upcoming after prom.

The forecast is the latest from Clement, who it was reported this week will receive an expanded role on the Birds offense next year. The NFL also confirmed this week that Clement's highly disputed touchdown catch during Super Bowl LII was good, and that he didn't lose possession despite the ball being bobbled.