If you indulged in the early days of reality TV, you'll remember groups like Danity Kane and Day 26, but diehards will remember the second season of P. Diddy's MTV series Making the Band, where Da Band was created. Fifteen years after their debut album, Too Hot For TV, Da Band is dusting off their FUBU tracksuits and Air Force One's for a reunion show in Philly tomorrow.

In an interview with Battle Rap Trap, group member E. Ness said, "We're doing a reunion in Philly man, 4948 N. Broad St. November 17 at the Penthouse man." He also mentioned that all six band members would be in attendance. "It's gonna be a [like] a movie," Ness declared.

Throughout the early 2000s, Diddy was obsessed with creating R&B and hip-hop groups — all of which involved drama, competition, and talent (but mostly drama).  Making the Band had many hilarious moments, but most fans will remember when Diddy forced the musician-hopefuls to walk from midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn's Junior's restaurant for cheesecake.

Unfortunately, after Da Band dropped their debut, which sold 600,000 copies, interest in the group fizzled out. In 2009, the group's singer Sara Stokes was arrested and charged with domestic assault after stabbing her husband during a drunken dispute. As the result of a plea deal, Stokes received three years of probation.

Other band members have been relatively quiet since their Da Band heyday. But through countless memes and GIFs that have circulated the internet for years, Da Band has cemented their place in urban pop culture.

A flyer was released to promote the reunion, but the venue was reluctant to confirm the event. "There is a booking for November 17, but we cannot confirm who the event is for," said a venue representative.

There's been no confirmation from the other five group members about the reunion.