Prince Harry's engagement to actress Meghan Markle is making headlines all over the world, but the event is leaving some football fans wondering: Are Prince Harry and Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz the same person?

The two famed redheads do resemble one another, which lead to the theory jokingly popping up on social media following the announcement of the royal engagement on Monday:

The best evidence that Wentz and Prince Harry are one in the same, however, came from Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith, who pointed out that he has never seen the two men in the same room:

Even the Eagles got in on the joke, tweeting out a picture of Prince Harry alongside a quote from Wentz:

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NFL GameDay also had some fun with the growing Wentz/Prince Harry meme:

Despite the striking resemblance, other fans suggested that the two can't be the same man. Though, they could be brothers or half-brothers, in some folks' estimations:

And let's not forget that Harry's mom, Princess Diana, often repped her Eagles jacket for the photogs.

Prince or no, Wentz has lately been carving out a place among Eagles royalty, leading the team to its current 10-1 record and leading the NFL overall in passing touchdowns this season with 28. The Eagles currently have the top record in the league, and by some accounts, Wentz is on his way to being named MVP for the season.

Prince Harry, meanwhile, will wed Markle in spring 2018, according to a release. That's just after football season ends, so we're going to need a little more assurance that the two aren't the same guy. Especially considering that the prince had a catch with Dan Marino during a meeting with the NFL great earlier this year:

We're thinking the royal family probably doesn't want anyone that closely associated with Philadelphia at the royal wedding, so it might be best if Prince Harry came to town for an Eagles game. That way, one great ginger can watch another do his thing, and we all can rest easy that Wentz (or Harry?) isn't Fight Club-ing us.

Either way, cheesesteaks are on us.