For more than 40 years, shock jock Howard Stern has made a career out of saying just about whatever he wants to his listeners. So, when his speech lauding Bon Jovi during the New Jersey band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was cut for time, he was a little bit upset.

OK, very upset.

Stern kicked off his SiriusXM radio show on Monday by tearing into HBO, which broadcast the April 14 induction ceremony on Saturday, with a 20-minute rant about his speech, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The jock, it seems, was miffed because he didn't include any inflammatory remarks in his speech.

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"I really crafted my words. I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted to have a good time," Stern said on his Howard 100 program. "I really crafted the thing … so some editor could determine if I was funny in places? They were probably like, 'Hey, that's a funny joke, but we've got to cut somewhere.' No, you don't have to cut somewhere!"

During his rant, Stern also said that Rock Hall Foundation officials wanted him at the ceremony so badly, they used a private jet to fly the radio host to Cleveland to attend the induction.

"You can't fly me to f—ing Cleveland and ask me to make a speech and then edit the s— out of me," he said. "I wasn't there talking about my career. I spent a lot of time on that and they spent three minutes deciding what should be in and out… They completely…gutted me. Like a rotting fish, which I am. That's how I feel inside."

Stern's process of writing the speech has been a focus on the host's radio show several times over the last few months, as the Hollywood Reporter pointed out. As Stern said previously, Jon Bon Jovi asked him to induct the band. He also brought up bouts of anxiety he dealt with in writing the speech.

On the show, producer Gary Dell'Abate said HBO cut about three minutes from Stern's speech to fit the three-hour broadcast. Stern said there were other speeches that could have been cut.

"Oh, yeah, trust me, there was another 15 minutes," he said. "I've sat in on these sessions. It's kind of like, 'Yeah, cut that!' It's like a butcher shop."

Now, the shock jock says he is pretty much done giving speeches.

"I did that for Jon and Richie and David because I've known them for so long and I couldn't say no," Stern said. "I'm glad I went…But watching it back was painful because I didn't like being edited. And they might have been right…I just don't want to be edited."

In Jersey, Bon Jovi is a legendary group, and it even has its own day in the state — April 14, of course —thanks to Gov. Murphy. Recently, Bon Jovi performed in Philly at the Wells Fargo Center, where it celebrated WMMR's 50th anniversary.

"I can't say enough about how supportive he and that station have been to us," frontman Jon Bon Jovi told the Inquirer last month. "You have to figure, there's a good portion of the planet that believes I'm from Philly, probably because of all the Philly relationships that I was blessed — am still blessed — to have in my life."