Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and Roots emcee Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter ate well in Philly last night.

The two celebs were in the city's Upper Holmesburg section in Northeast Philadelphia on Tuesday, where they joined Rodney and Khadijah Moore and the couple's family for dinner. Announced earlier this month, the so-called "#SurpriseDinnerParty" was broadcast via Facebook Live.

On the menu for the night were Rodney's "Slam'n Salmon Cheesesteaks," which included a vegetable stir fry with spinach and broccoli as the topping, plus provolone and Cooper sharp cheddar cheeses. All of it was served on a a crusty Philly-style roll, which got Trotter's attention.

"The rolls look official," he said. "If it's not an Amoroso, it's close."

While Rodney prepared the steaks, Trotter and Fallon met the rest of the family. As wife Khadijah told the pair, the Moores had been in their home at Ditman and Megargee Streets for 15 years. Rodney, an Immaculata grad, works in real estate and has a side gig as a black jack dealer with Trotter's cousin, as he told Fallon.

"I've been doing this for quite some time, amongst other things, Jimmy," Rodney said. "In Philly, we gotta do a little of this, a little of that. A little of that, and a little of this. You see everything I got going on, man."

Fallon quickly challenged youngest son Miles to a game of NBA Jam, and took the youngster down 10-6 in the first quarter. He later joined twins Olivia and Elena in a karaoke version of Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry," which included a freestyle verse from Trotter about Salmon steaks.

For some before-dinner drinks, Fallon brought out a bottle of what appeared to be Guiseppe Quintarelli Rosso Ca del Merlo Veneto, which runs about $80 a bottle. Rodney, meanwhile, broke out a bottle of BurSel Black Wine, which he said a friend owns. The wine is produced by Sand Castle Winery in Delaware County's Tinicum Township.

"That's tasty, I'd do it," Fallon said of the wine. The Tonight Show host's bottle, meanwhile, got shelved for a "special occasion," as Rodney said.

Dinner, meanwhile, was a little less fancy, thanks to the steaks being served up in aluminum foil. Fallon and Trotter, as they told the Moores, were suspicious of salmon cheesesteaks before having them, but ended up enjoying them.

"This is better than good. I think the secret, too, is putting it in the foil," Fallon said, later adding that Rodney should consider doing a run with Dalessandro's, the Roots' favorite cheesesteak shop.

After dinner, Fallon gave the Moores swag bags and gifts, including an air fryer, which they already owned. Fallon also told the family they had tickets to an episode of the Tonight Show, while Trotter hooked them up with tickets to the Roots Picnic, which Rodney said is always sold out.

"Y'all got tickets now," Trotter said.

Fallon and Trotter couldn't stay for dessert, and split back to New York. But not without a couple extra salmon steaks.

"You should do a podcast. What a talented family," Fallon said. "We gotta split, but I gotta take my cheesesteak."

"I'm taking mine, too," Trotter added.

The Moores could not immediately be reached for comment, but posted about their experience on social media.

"Best humans ever," Khadijah wrote of Fallon and Trotter on Facebook. "Feeling so blessed to have shared this special moment with my family! Shout out to my wonderful husband for his Slam'n Salmon Cheesesteaks."

The Tonight Show announced this most recent #SurpriseDinnerParty on April 4, writing on Twitter that Fallon and Trotter wanted a "home-cooked meal" in Philly. Previously, the show had dinner with the Salzer family in Champlin, Minn. ahead of Super Bowl LII in February.

That time around, Fallon had a meal of "hotdish," a midwestern casserole that includes tater tots. For their trouble, the Salzers got swag bags and an Instant Pot.