After New Jersey substitute teacher Ruth Reed paid for country music star Keith Urban's Wawa order last week, the internet got talking.

Reed, who mistook Urban for a "down on his luck" customer in need of extra change, posted about the incident on Facebook, which was then picked up by her former student, Olivia Prouse — and a slew of Twitter users. Though Reed claims she did not recognize Urban at the time (and admits to feeling foolish), it didn't take long for the incident to go viral.

Among the masses who to catch word of Reed's story was Mastercard. Inspired by Reed's good deed, the credit card company volunteered to send Jersey's latest cape-less superhero a year's supply of prepaid Mastercards, tweeting, "Ruth, your next 52 acts of kindness are on us."

Reed's seemingly small action fits the criteria for making the world a better place, it appears. Responders to Mastercard's twitter thread offered further support to Reed and many users tweeted that they were newly inspired to pay forward some good deeds of their own.

Reed's niece tweeted that she had passed the information on to her aunt — as it looks like Reed doesn't have a twitter herself (yet).

If Reed will help out more needy Wawa-goers — or perhaps use the money towards a Keith Urban concert (?) — Twitter will have to wait and see.