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A collection of ‘signs of humanity’ dares you not to look away

It took Willie Baronet one week to purchase 89 cardboard signs from homeless people and panhandlers on the streets of Philadelphia. At $10 to $20 apiece and with an optional reimbursement of a new square of cardboard and a Sharpie, almost all were happy to do business with him.

Which Philly tourist attractions are worth it? A newcomer and a native debate.

Which Philly tourist attractions are worth it? A newcomer and a native debate.

New Jersey’s Chandler Lutz replaces Meisha Johnson at CBS3

Chandler Lutz, Jersey girl and St. Joes alum, will be replacing Meisha Johnson as the new traffic anchor on CBS3 eyewitness news.

The woman who paid for Keith Urban’s Wawa Order has been offered a year’s supply of Mastercards

Small acts of kindness can pay off, demonstrated by New Jersey's Ruth Reed. Reed was offered a year supply of Mastercards after paying for country music star Keith Urban at a New Jersey Wawa.

From thrilling to nauseating: We rode all 12 roller-coasters at Great Adventure to find out which were the best

We put our stomachs through the ultimate test to find out which Six Flags roller-coasters are the scariest.

Philly fans rally to support Demi Lovato as a recovery warrior and inspiration after overdose

Demi Lovato may have broken her promise of sobriety, but her fans will never leave her side. Here's how the singer has impacted the local community.

Meet the Fabulous Freedom Balldogs fetching balls at Friday night’s Philadelphia Freedoms tennis match

Dogs are mans best friend. And tennis balls are a dogs best friend. Rescue dogs from Brandywine Valley SPCA will be fetching balls for the Philadelphia Freedoms' World TeamTennis home opener on Friday night. He

Philly yarnbomber meets Taylor Swift

The artist who crocheted Philadelphia with Taylor Swift lyrics just met the singer in person — and got some compliments from her mom, as well.