Kevin Hart visited fellow Philadelphian Meek Mill in prison at State Correctional Institution Chester on Tuesday, where he told reporters following the meeting that the rapper's prison time is the result of "a personal vendetta" by Judge Genece Brinkley and that Mill "should be out of jail."

Hart, 38, was accompanied to the prison by 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, who brought New England Patriots owner Robert Craft to SCI Chester for a visit with Mill earlier this month. Hart said that Mill, who is being held at the jail following a two- to four-year sentence levied by Brinkley last year, is in "good spirits"

"I'm not going to sit up here and say he's an angel," Hart said of Mill, whose real name Robert Rihmeek Williams, 30. "He has done wrong. In doing wrong, he has paid for it — he has done his time. He's been there, he's done that for this particular case."

Last week, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner's office issued a recommendation supporting a new trial for Mill, citing credibility issues with his arresting office, Reginald Graham. Earlier this year, the office revealed that Graham's name is on a list of "tainted" police officers deemed unfit to testify in court due to corruption issues.

At the time of Mill's initial arrest in 2007, Graham claimed Mill pointed a gun at police as they attempted to arrest him on gun and drug charges. Outside SCI Chester on Monday, Hart called that bit of information into question.

"Pointing a gun at a cop as a black man, guys, we all know the consequences behind that," Hart said. "You'll end up dead in today's times, so I doubt that that could happen, and you're able to walk away from it. There's no truth to it, and it's unfair."

Judge Brinkley denied Mill's request to be released from prison on bail earlier this month, and also refused to recuse herself from Mill's case. Another hearing is currently scheduled for June, according to an Inquirer report. As Hart said Tuesday, "the judge is holding [the case] up."

"This is a personal vendetta, it's obvious to see that" Hart said of Brinkley's sentence for Mill. "I hope that the judge does the right thing. I hope that she really, really sees how ridiculous this is and lets this guy out of jail."

The comedian also vowed to continue his support for Mill as the rapper remains behind bars in Chester. As he told reporters outside of the prison, Hart hopes some good can come from Mill's imprisonment.

"Sometimes these bad things have to happen for good things to come out of it," Hart said. "The good that can come out of this is really correcting the system."