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Kevin Hart stole turf from U.S. Bank Stadium after Eagles Super Bowl win

"I had a look in my eyes that I never had before. My wife was like, 'What are you doing?'"

Kevin Hart talks to Conan O’Brien about his drunken Super Bowl antics
Kevin Hart talks to Conan O’Brien about his drunken Super Bowl anticsRead moreTBD / YouTube

Kevin Hart really was every Philadelphian on the night of the Eagles first Super Bowl win last month. Last night on Conan, the North Philly native drunkenly stormed the stage at the Super Bowl following the Birds' victory to "hold the trophy for my city."

"I go, 'The city of Philadelphia wants to see me hold this trophy," he told host Conan O'Brien on Monday. "'I need to get to the Super Bowl trophy.'"

Wife Eniko Parrish, however, wasn't entirely on board.

"I had a look in my eyes that I never had before. My wife was like, 'What are you doing?'," Hart said. "I was like, 'We need to go down with the team.' She was like, 'What?' I said, 'We're going with the team.'"

They made it down to the field with no credentials, save for the comedian yelling that he was Kevin Hart at people who questioned them.

Hart also claimed to have taken some turf from the field and put it in his pocket because it was from the same field where the team made history with their first Super Bowl win. Hart added that his behavior "was bad," while O'Brien called it a "series of bad decisions" (co-host Andy Richter called it "totally selfless," which is more accurate).

"I told my wife, 'Babe, you stay right here, I'm going to go hold the trophy for my city,'" Hart said. "She said, 'What?' I said, 'You would never understand — this is for my city.'"

Hart, however, was "so gone" on booze that he missed an opportunity to get a photo with the Lombardi Trophy. As he told O'Brien, he was celebrating with Eagles' players when one of them told him the trophy was right by him and he could get a photo, which Hart only remembers because "watched the video later."

"I'm so gone that I said, 'Nah, man, I'm going up here to take a picture with the trophy," he said. "The trophy is right here. I, instead, go walk to the stage."

While he knew the awarding of the Lombardi Trophy is a special moment in football, he couldn't stop himself from trying to get to the stage to get in on the action.

"I didn't care about none of that. In my mind, I needed to get there so I could hold the trophy and go, 'Philadelphia, I did it!' I don't know why."

A security guard ultimately ended his attempt, but Hart holds no ill-will toward the man.

"That guy did his job," Hart said. "Thank god he did his job that day, because I was a little thing called 'intoxicated.'"

However, as Hart noted, the whole situation could have been avoided had he just listened to his wife, who told him to calm down multiple times. He regrets not listening to her, he says, except for one thing.

"Wives are right sometimes, that's what this boils down to," he said. "The only thing she was wrong about was the turf that I stole. You know I got that turf."