A Delaware County woman who recently underwent a mastectomy will soon be heading out on a well-deserved vacation, courtesy of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

Joan Leary of Garnet Valley called in to Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday to participate in the show's "Call Me Live Travel Trivia" game, a segment that gives one random fan a chance at winning a swanky vacation. To win, contestants have to answer a single trivia questions about the show.

Leary, however, had been in the hospital to undergo a mastectomy and was unable to watch Kelly and Ryan while she was there. The hosts spun a wheel to determine whether Leary would compete for a trip to a resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

"I feel wonderful now that I'm speaking to you, but horrible because I won't know the answer," Leary told the hosts after getting on the air with them. She then asked them to make her trivia question easy, which Seacrest did.

"Joan, who are you speaking to on the phone right now?" Seacrest asked. With her response, Leary clinched the trip to Mexico.

"Listen, this is going to set you on your road to recovery, OK? We are all thinking about you, remember that," Ripa told Leary after her win. "You've got a lot of friends and fans here in the audience, OK? Our best thoughts are with you."

"You're going to make me cry," Leary responded.

Since that heartfelt moment, clips of the interaction have been shared on social media more than 6,000 times from the Kelly and Ryan Facebook page. Fans have also shared their feelings about the interaction on Twitter: