Eagles quarterback Nick Foles appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today in his first television interview since leading the Birds to beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Foles showed off the Lombardi Trophy and discussed the team's victory with host DeGeneres, telling her that winning the Super Bowl this year was a "surreal" experience.

"It was a dream as a kid," Foles said. "We were so fortunate just to be a part of it. Everything that happened, it's been unreal."

The Philly Special, in which Foles caught a pass for a touchdown, was one of the most unreal moments, even for the quarterback himself.

"You're going to have to do some stuff that is sort of risky to win this game," he said. "The Philly Special came to mind. I went over there and asked him, and Coach Pederson, being the great coach he is, is like, "Let's do it.'"

The Birds took down the Patriots 41-33 in the end, and Foles was named Super Bowl MVP. However, as he told DeGeneres, the win might never have happened had he quit playing football, which he had considered two years ago after being released by the Los Angeles Rams.

"There were different things going on in my life, my wife and I, and my career as well, to where I lost the joy of the game. I can't do something unless my heart is in it," he said.

A letter from his wife, as well as daily Bible reading and journaling, turned his mind-set around, Foles told DeGeneres.

"I remember just crying because I was like, 'I love the game of football again.' But it was a totally different feel because of what I had gone through. It was those failures," Foles said. "It's OK to share those things because I think that's what makes us strong, is overcoming those failures."

Foles also addressed failure in his post-Super Bowl victory speech, saying that it is "a part of life" that comes along with "building character and growing."

In addition to their sit-down interview, Foles and DeGeneres played a football-themed game that ended with every member of the audience taking home a pair of BeatsX headphones. Foles had to hit two of three moving targets — controlled by Ellen executive producer and Philly native Ed Glavin — to win. He hit all three in under 30 seconds.

Whether the Eagles can count on that talent in the future, however, still appears to be up in the air. As Foles told DeGeneres, his focus is on family.

"That's a question everyone wants to know. My honest answer, not being politically correct, is all I want to do is be with my wife, be with my daughter. All that stuff will take care of itself."