Richard Curtis, the Souderton Area High School teacher who first gained fame as the winner of a co-host competition on Live with Kelly in 2016, is getting his own local TV show this fall.

Curtis, a resident of Perkasie in Bucks County, will host The ClassH-Room on Fox 29 starting Oct. 1, the network announced today. The upcoming series, a half-hour weekday game show, will feature Philly area teachers battling against their students in trivia games and challenges. The audience, meanwhile, will consist of participants' friends, family, and classmates.

Topics will include pop culture, history, math, science, and current events. Winners will receive monetary donations for a school club of their choice.

The ClassH-Room Logo
The ClassH-Room Logo

"Most television game shows are taped on one of the coasts, but The ClassH-Room actually goes one step further," Fox 29 vice president and general manager Dennis Bianchi says. "It will be produced on two 'coasts' — the Delaware River and the Schuylkill River – where Philadelphia-area students and teachers will battle it out."

Curtis currently is a teacher at Souderton Area High, where he has worked the past eight years. The rest of the world found out about him after a stint on Live with Kelly that started in 2016, with Curtis hosting several episodes of the show as part of a guest co-host competition. Current co-host Ryan Seacrest took over on the show in May last year.

Following his run on Live with Kelly, Curtis began working with Fox 29, where he appeared on Good Day Philadelphia for several weeks last summer. Curtis also serves as host of the Varsity Spirits National Dance Championships on CBS Sports and ESPN/ESPN2.

"As a teacher, I immediately fell in love with the unique concept of the show, where I get to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing educators and students in the Delaware Valley," Curtis says. "We are going to have some fun!"