Sylvester Stallone is currently under investigation for a decades-old sexual assault accusation made against him last year, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office announced on Wednesday.

The alleged incident occurred in the 1990s, but was reported to Santa Monica police in November, which the Hollywood Reporter covered at the time. Police recently sent the case to a special entertainment task force in the Los Angeles County DA's office that investigates sex crime allegations in the entertainment industry, spokesperson Greg Risling told CNN. Authorities made no further comments regarding the details of the alleged incident.

While California ended its statute of limitations on some sex crimes in 2016 due in part to the numerous allegations against Bill Cosby, the allegation against Stallone falls outside new guidelines. Under the revised law, sex crimes like rape, forcible sodomy, and molestation of a child do not have a statute of limitations, but only if the alleged crime was committed after Jan. 1, 2017, or if the previous statute of limitations had not expired by that time.

Stallone's attorney, Martin Singer, denied the allegation against his client as a "complete fabrication" in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. He added that Stallone had a consensual dating relationship with the woman, and that the alleged victim "filed a police report to get a story published" after an unnamed entertainment site declined to publish a story themselves.

"My client categorically denies the allegations," Singer added in a CNN interview. "It's outrageous that the DA's office and PD would announce this information because it makes the public think that there's something there. It's not appropriate to try to ruin someone by doing this."

In response to the allegation, the LA Times reports, Stallone's lawyers filed a complaint with Santa Monica police alleging that the woman who made the claim against the actor filed a false police report. Representatives added that they had not heard about the allegation for months following its initial filing.

The claim was one of two made against Stallone in November. The other alleged incident occurred in the 1980s in Las Vegas while Stallone was filming the arm-wrestling drama Over the Top. The alleged victim, who was reportedly 16 at the time, claimed Stallone forced her to engage in threesome with former bodyguard Mike De Luca, who was killed by police in California in 2013. Stallone denied that allegation through a spokesperson, who called the allegation "categorically false."

"No one was ever aware of this story until it was published today, including Mr. Stallone, spokesperson Michelle Bega said of the alleged Las Vegas incident. "At no time was Mr. Stallone ever contacted by authorities or anyone regarding this matter."

Stallone, 71, is currently at work on Creed II, the followup to 2015's Creed and the Rocky franchise's eighth installment. The actor was recently in Philadelphia to film parts of the movie, which is currently scheduled for a Nov. 21 release.