If you got a whiff of Terry Crews at Firefly Music Festival this weekend, chances are you smelled something good. And it was either his iconic Old Spice deodorant or one of the 500 bowls of Bacon Mac & Cheese he was seen hauling from tent to tent.

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Crews, the Deadpool 2 and Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor who was once a Philadelphia Eagle, took on a new role at Firefly in Dover, Del. this week — as a guest delivery man for Panera Bread — leaving us with one question. Why?


For starters, he must have been really craving those crispy, creamy, noodles to drop everything and cheat on his rigid diet.  According to May's Men's Health, Crews practices intermittent fasting — consisting of borderline starvation for 16 consecutive hours followed by lean meals of omelets, salads, and protein shakes. Talk about a cheat day!

But, hey, he's smiling. Right?

Or is it a look of guilt? Terror? It's hard to say.

The extra carbs haven't taken a toll on Crews' robust physique yet, however.

And they certainly didn't stop him from flexing his way around the concert, either.

While one can only speculate exactly how Crews landed his newest gig, he certainly looks excited about it.

And, well, we're excited for him as well.