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Blurring the lines in Philly-focused comic

’Scumbag Cop’ features a corrupt Philadelphia detective

New Jersey-based Webcomic Factory, an online hub of comic treasures, just launched its 30th webcomic entitled "Scumbag Cop." Written by Tony DiGerolamo and drawn by Ricardo Enguita Palomar, the comic features a corrupt Philadelphia detective who develops a distortedly positive moral compass after years of abusing his power.

"I've been developing this project for a long time," DiGerolamo said in a press release. "It's kind of a film noir, where all the characters are bad, but Trevor Baker is the best person in a mess of bad ones." DiGerolamo, a New Jersey native, has also worked on The Simpsons and with Bill Maher.

The Webcomic Factory started in April, 2010, and has made it its mission to post a new comic every day for devoted readers. Its recent addition, "Scumbag Cop," will appear Saturdays.