Growing up, Amalgam Comics and Coffee (2578 Frankford Ave.) owner/founder Ariell R. Johnson dreamed of more comic book superheroines that looked like her.

Johnson is depicted enjoying a coffee break with Riri Williams, an African American teen who will be taking the spotlight from Tony Stark and headlining a relaunch of Invincible Iron Man.

Amalgam's Randy Green said that Marvel approached the store, which is the first black female-owned comic book establishment on the East Coast, with the idea.

"They reached out to us, and it took a little work and a little doing, but we managed to get it done," Green said. "Copies should be in Nov. 11. But we've already got a ton of requests for it, so if people want it, they should let us know sooner rather than later."

Green said everyone at Amalgam is "pumped" for the Invincible Iron Man cover by artist Rachel Torque to hit shelves.

"The boss [Ariell] is really excited," he said. "This book is really special. With everything that Ariell has done and then for her to be on a cover, especially with Riri Williams and the importance of her coming into the book and taking over the book. ... Putting them together on the cover ... it really does mean a lot."