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'Hitchhiker' Katt Williams went to walk every day on 'Father Figures'

The stand-up comic got a kick out of working with a scene-Steeler.

Katt Williams plays a hitchhiker in “Father Figures.”
Katt Williams plays a hitchhiker in “Father Figures.”Read moreWarner. Bros.

LOS ANGELES — As one of the funniest stand-up comics of his generation, it is easy to forget that Katt Williams is no stranger to being in films.

His filmography includes classics like Friday After Next, Norbit, The Perfect Holiday, First Sunday and Scary Movie 5.

In my interview with him for his latest role, that of a hitchhiker who tags along with Ed helms and Owen Wilson's bickering brothers, Williams says he enjoys films — but that they're very different from stand-up.

"When I do my stand-up, I'm always 'on' whenever I'm on stage and it's all in my control," he said. "Acting isn't like that. There is a lot of standing around between takes. You have to turn your dial to zero sometimes — and then be ready to turn it back up again."

Williams said that although his character doesn't get a lot of screen time, he remains proud of the role.

"He is a character that is treated with respect and that doesn't allow himself to be exploited. So, yeah, I like that character," he said.

Williams also enjoyed working with Helms and Wilson, but had special praise for Glenn Close.

"Working with her and seeing how she carries herself, I have a lot of respect for her," he said.

But there was one actor — who's not even best known for being an actor — that Williams said he enjoyed being around the most.

"Terry Bradshaw, man, "he concluded. "That dude is the funniest white man on the planet."