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10 modern DIY menorahs

Chanukah begins this weekend. Celebrate eight nights of light with ten DIY menorah ideas.

Chanukah begins this weekend. Celebrate eight nights of light with ten DIY menorah ideas:

1. Bottles, bottles, bottles

Create a menorah that you can display year-round with this crafty menorah by Readymade. All you will need is 8 clear bottles of one size, and one bottle that's slightly larger. You'll also need white spray paint and 9 large candles. This one is one of my favorites.

2. Traveling neon menorah

If you're celebrating Chanukah in multiple places, you'll appreciate the traveling neon menorah. Put it together and take it apart in a snap!

3. Sky menorah

For an unconventional homemade menorah, try the sky menorah. This unique design is made with tree branches, dried flowers, silver floral spray, candleholders and a hot glue gun. Hang it up high or use it as a centerpiece.

4. Votive Menorah

This adorable menorah is simply made of tealight holders and nicely wrapped boxes to look like Chanukah gifts.

5. Bolt Build

Made with stones, tiles, glass and regular metal nuts, this menorah absolutely requires a trip to the craft store.

6. Lego Menorah

The Lego Menorah is of pretty self explanitory! Break out that big set of legos and go to town. This is a great project for the kids.

7. The Modular Menorah

This modern menorah may look complex, but it takes no time at all. Learn how in 6 easy steps.

8. Cupcake Menorah

It may not last you all 8 nights, but it's a terrific family project! Try one of these holiday cupcake recipes.

9. LED Menorah

All of you tech savvy folks, this one is for you. It includes full-color comic-book style assembly instructions and a display stand.

10. Lowes DIY Menorah

This project comes from Lowes Creative Ideas. Find all of the tools, here.