Getting holiday gifts for your significant other's parents is very important. Gifts for parents are a sign of respect, and they also show that you really care about your relationship with them and their son or daughter. Take a look at these holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend's parents:

1. Homemade desserts

If you're not too familiar with your significant other's parents, a homemade dessert is a perfectly appropriate gift. If you're a fairly decent baker, going the extra mile to make your boyfriend/girlfriend's family a homemade treat will score you major brownie points (no pun intended…). If you're running low on dessert ideas, The Food Network has an entire section dedicated to holiday baking recipes.

2. Homemade sangria

If you're not the best baker in town, a bottle of wine is always a great way to go – but if you want to add a personal touch to it, make your own holiday sangria. There's really no way to mess up this recipe, so if you're kitchen impaired don't worry! Try out this recipe for Cranberry Pomegranate Winter Sangria.

3. Serving Tray or Plates

If you're guy or gal's parents love to entertain, then buy them a unique serving tray. If you've been to their house and have a feel for their taste, try and find something that suits their sensibility and style before settling on your gift. Find them something distinctive and tasteful – you'll get tons of bonus points if it's something that gets them a lot of compliments at parties!  We love this large green wine bottle flat serving tray.

4. Personalized stationary

Personalized stationary is a great gesture for parents because it's special. Make sure you include a personal note wishing them happy holidays. Etsy has a couple of great choices for stationary.

5. A night out on the town

A gift certificate to a nice restaurant in town is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your man/woman's parents. Philadelphia has so many nice places to dine out. Try Route 6, Rouge, or Zagat.

6. Donations to charity

Making a donation to a charity under the name of your sweetheart's parents is very thoughtful, and they'll definitely appreciate it. If there is a cause that they're particularly interested in, choose that, if you're unsure – try some of these: Philabundance, Citymeals on Wheels, United Way, Big Brothers, Big SistersProject H.O.M.E.