Christmas trees come in all shapes in sizes, but these unique trees are on a whole different level.

1. Drift wood

This charming Christmas tree is made from small drifwood logs. Purchase it from Etsy.

2. Button Tree

This cute little guy is made of all Christmas colored buttons. Check it out on Pinterest.

3. Sheet music

Each of these trees have been hand cut from 1930s music sheets, folded and assembled together. Purchase them from Etsy.

4. Veggie tree

The veggie Christmas tree is a great little centerpiece for a holiday party.

5. Recycled books

Be eco-friendly and festive with this Christmas tree made from recycled books.  Have a look at other eco-friendly options on How to Recycle.

6. Beer bottle tree

Bros and college kids alike will enjoy creating this Christmas tree made purely of beer bottles.

7. Ruler

A simple project to do – this little tree is made entirely of rules. It's a great door or wall decoration for the holidays.  Check out some more unusual tree designs at Dishfunctional Designs.