After the holidays have passed, we're left with fond memories, great gifts, and TONS of leftover wrapping paper. Instead of throwing away all of that extra gift wrap this year, try using it in creative crafts projects like these:

1. New Year's party banner

Cut your left over wrapping paper into little triangles, attach them to seam binding and hang it high for your New Year's bash.

2. Decorate your office supplies

Instead of hauling those leftover tin cans into the recycling bin, wrap them up! Now you have a place to store your pencils, pens, and scissors.

3. Dress up a bottle

Wrap up that bottle of bubbly that you're bringing to next week's NYE party.  This works especially nicely with solid color wrapping paper.

4. Thank you notes

Make a card out of your left over gift-wrap to show your appreciation for the lovely gifts that you've received!

5. Re-use it

Wrapping paper is easy to iron back into shape. Flatten it up and save it for an upcoming birthday or for next years holiday season.

6. Use gift boxes for storage

Why throw away a perfectly good box? They're great for storage. They're also perfect for stacking items in a closet or drawer. Glue some of that extra wrapping paper to the outside to glam it up a bit.

7. Sell it

All of our wallets are exhausted after the holidays. If you've got some nice looking paper/boxes, sell them on sites like Etsy and Craigslist for extra cash! All you need is an attractive photo and a winning description.

8. Shred it and ship it

Shred up that extra paper and use it for storing or shipping fragile objects. It's very durable and this way you won't have to go out and get extra packing materials to keep your items safe.

9. Arts & crafts with the kids

There are plenty of crafts that you can do with wrapping paper.  Projects like 3-D paper stars, book covers, or paper yo-yos  are super fun.