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Etsy Roundup: 10 man-approved holiday gift ideas

Yes, even ties covered in an adorable cat print start to lose their charm shortly after unboxing. Avoid holiday disappointment with our man-approved gift guide.

Yes, even ties covered in an adorable cat print start to lose their charm shortly after unboxing. Avoid holiday disappointment with our man-approved gift guide.

1. Nesting Fruit Baskets

Made from reclaimed oak and finished with tung oil for water resistance, these nesting baskets will keep your kitchen counters organized and are easy to store. Available from Peg and Awl.

2. Calvin and Hobbes Coaster Set

Who doesn't love this dynamic duo! This set will liven up any table and features six different coasters featuring Calvin and Hobbes getting into some serious adventures together. Available from Take It With.

3. The "Beerd" Can Beard Cozy

Perfect for the non-hipster hipster in your life, these cozies are made from crafting fur that has been fastened to elastic so they will fit any can and most glasses! No beards were harmed in the making of this product, but many were jealous. Available from Arms and Ink Studios.

4. Boston Terrier Heather Grey Graphic Shirt

This adorable shirt features a Boston terrier design that has been hand drawn and printed on a tri-blend heather grey tee. It is super soft and perfect to wear for cuddling next to your favorite pooch. Available from Clevotine.

5. Watchful Hawk Blank Journal

For visionaries and messengers, explore your creative expression in ink, marker, pencil, collage, and more on the high quality sketch paper in this journal. For an added touch, the cover is lined with wool felt and features original artwork. Available from Blue Toad.

6. Oak Garden Markers

Created from reclaimed antique oak lumber from 19th century Philadelphia buildings, these garden spikes are genuine pieces of history. Delivered in packs of 10 with an indigo colored pencil handy for labeling, this set is perfect for the urban gardener. Available from Peg and Awl.

7. Pinball Machine Bottle Opener

For your favorite video game geek, this bottle opener features an original illustration of a pinball machine. With a stellar yellow background, this opener will always be easy to find and also features a keychain attachment. Available from Girls Can Tell.

8. Pyramid Top Glass Air Terrarium Kit

This handmade "air" terrarium is loosely based on an octahedron, a shape which the ancient Greeks identified with the air element and is perfect for planting succulents or housing tillandsia. Offered in both copper and silver colors, the included starter kit makes this gift super easy to set up. Available from ABJ Glassworks.

9. Classic Hipster Bingo

More than just a party game, this bingo set is best played in the park where hipsters are nearby. One bingo set comes with 4 different cards so gather up some friends for a picnic of lunch truck hoagies and PBR and let the games begin! Available from Hipster Bingo.

10. The Marlowe Lunch Bag

Essential for the guy on the go, this durable waxed canvas lunch bag is classic in shape and finish and fits a full meal in its spacious interior. Plus, there is a small pocket on the front perfect for leaving handwritten notes for your loved one to discover. Available from Peg and Awl.