Ugly sweater parties are a holiday tradition. Make sure you're the best, or worst dressed with these 6 ugly holiday sweaters from Etsy:

1. The "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal"

Rock a Christmas classic with this ugly sweater featuring the timeless line from one of the best holiday movies ever made. It will definitely draw a few eyes…and laughs.

2. The light-up Christmas sweater

Light up the room with this one of a king light-up ugly Christmas sweater. This sweater is powered by a battery pack that can easily slip into your pocket.  Did we mention that the lights blink?

3. The Uncle Buck

This "Uncle Buck" sweater isn't the one from John Candy's incredible movie, but rather the shop owner's actual Uncle Buck who was apparently a 5'1", 3X wearing, meat stealing man with an interesting story behind him. Check it out here!

4. The 80s pullover

Rock an oversized green and purple plaid vintage sweater from the 1980s. You may just win the ugly sweater prize with this one.

5. The warrior of pastel

Wear this ugly sweater with pride. It's a vintage gem and it isn't THAT ugly…

6. The Two Dope Dogs

Dog lovers – this is the perfect ugly sweater for you. Wear this argyle-covered sweater proudly; it's not often that you see two Scotty dogs rocking silver chains.