This holiday season, make sure you get the trouble making jokester in your life a good present, that way you'll stay on their good side and away from their tricks. We've got 6 hilarious gag gives for the prankster in your life:

1. Prank Powder Decepti-candy

This quadruple threat looks like four innocent tubes of powder-candy, but it's not. Beware of the deceitful labels, one of these candies is unbearably sour, one will stain your mouth, one will make your mouth foam and the fourth one will do all three things at once. Find it on ThinkGeek.

2. The ThinkGeek EvilTron

Although it's only the size of a quarter, this tiny device produces six creepy noises. All the prankster has to do is turn it on, hide it and watch. The sounds include: an unsettling creaking, unidentifiable scratching sounds, a gasping last breath, sinister child laughing, and an eerie voice whispering "hey, can you hear me?". Find it on ThinkGeek.

3. Phantom Keystroker V2

Your jokester buddy will get a kick out of sliding this fake USB stick into their victim's computer. As soon as it's attached, it makes random mouse movements and types out odd text and phrases. Adjust the switches on the side to make it toggle on and off of caps lock or to set the duration between all of these annoying "events". Find it on Amazon.

4. Professional voice changer

If you're prankster pal is ready to step up to the big leagues, this professional voice changer is the right move. Unlike inexpensive voice changer from gag shops, this won't make you're voice sound like a muffled robot.  Whatever you say into the phone will come out sounding exactly like a normal man or woman. Time to get creepy. Find it at SpyVille.

5. Evil Fortune Cookies

These fortune cookies hate everybody. The fortunes inside range from rude, to insulting, to hilarious. Find them at ThinkGeek.

6. Bird poop gag iPhone case

This iPhone case is a great gag gift. The photograph is so realistic that it's sure to disgust victims from afar. Find it on Etsy.