The beginning of a new year is a nice opportunity to be productive and have some fun! It's a time to recharge, revamp and rid yourself (and your space) of anything negative that you've held onto from the previous year. Here are 7 ways to welcome the new year:

1. Change up your living space

Making a few simple adjustments to your home can really shake up your life (in a good way!). Whether you're sprucing up an old paint job, changing the pillows on your couch, adding some cozy touches to your counter tops, or adding splash of color to your bedroom – you'll notice a big difference in your home and your attitude. Get a jump start with Real Simple's 23 Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom! 

2. Clothing swap soirée

Cash in on your closet buy purging your closet! Have your friends do the same thing, and then invite them all over for a clothing swap. Get rid of that dress that doesn't quite fit anymore and trade it for that adorable shirt that your friend is sick of wearing. It's a great way to spend some time with friends, get some new pieces for your wardrobe, and free up some closet space. Grab a bottle of wine and make a night of it.

If you've got leftover clothes at the end, bring them over to Buffalo Exchange (1713 Chestnut Street) and sell some of those remaining items.

3. Get your chef on

The new year is the perfect excuse to try something new. Whether your sharpening up your cooking skills with some new recipes, or delving into a cookbook for the first time, you'll be surprised see how relaxing and fun it can be. Dazzle your friends or family with an extravagant meal, or take a shot at a daring dessert. We love Kitchen Confidante's Coconut Hazelnut Eggnog French Toast recipe!

4. DIY spa day

Pamper yourself and a few pals with some at-home spa treatments! Being stuck in the house for the day is the perfect chance to revive your look for 2013. Try some of these DIY home remedies.

5. Unplug yourself from the digital world

Log out of your email accounts, get out of the Twittersphere, and put your phone on silent for a day. Your followers on Instagram can go a day without seeing what you ate for breakfast, and your Facebook friend will forgive you for not 'liking' their new relationship status.  If you're living with family members or roommates, try connecting with them in person for the day without any interruptions. If you're on your own, pick up a book, start a project that you've been putting off or just relax and enjoy your time away from the constant stress of the digital world.

6. Make plans!

Spend a few hours making plans for the upcoming year. The end of the year is a clean slate and a fresh start. Plan a night out with that one friend that you keep blowing off (and actually show up this time), map out the dream vacation that you keep talking about but never booking, or pick a day of the week that's strictly for family time. Planning is important!

7. Teach yourself something new

With the brand new, brilliant world of apps, you can practically teach yourself anything for free. Learn a new language, teach yourself some new culinary skills, find a fun cardio routine, or just catch up on the latest beauty trends. Learning a new skill might just open up some new doors for you in 2013.