As we get older, our holiday wish lists get more realistic. We all long for the days when we were kids, jotting down any awesome idea for a present that popped into our heads. Even though we're living in the real world now, it's still fun to wish, right? Take a look at these 8 ridiculously awesome things that we wish we could have: including our own robot doppelganger, a cocoon tree house, a personal submarine, and more:

1. Cocoon tree hanging orbit

A hanging tent would have to be the coolest hang out spot imaginable.  The Cocoon tree goes way beyond your regular camping-friendly tent. It's elegant, stylish and completely safe.

The Cocoon Tree measures 9.84 feet in diameter. If you're freaked out about the height, the construction crew that comes to assemble the tent can put a safety rig below, just incase – although the structure can support 2 tons of weight which means you can even put a bed in this baby. There is no exact pricing on it yet, but you can read more about it here.

2. Kuratas

Star in your own real-life verson of transformers with this thirteen foot, 4.4 ton robot that you can control with your iPhone. Yes, seriously. The Kuratas houses a cockpit that holds a person right inside of its frame and travels at a whopping speed of 6.5 mph.  Running on diesel fuel, the bot can be controlled using any smartphone over 3G.  Not only can it move like a scooter on four wheels, but it can also move its torso, arms and hands (which means you can actually pick up other humans).

Kuratas is weaponized with two gatling guns but they are only rigged to fire BB ammo. When available, the pricing starts at $1.35 million. Watch how Kuratas work here.

3. Blue whale kite

A giant blue whale kite may not be the most useful toy but it certainly is awesome.  The kite comes in three sizes: midi (26.2467 ft) maxi (52.4934 ft) and life size (98.4252 ft).  To resemble a real whale, the kite comes with distincitive details such as folds over the eyes, ventral pleats, a blow hole on the back and a small dorsal fin. When in flight, the whale performs a graceful swimming motion.  Purchase it for $1, 610 (midi), $4, 645 or $7, 340 (life size)

4. The Jetovator

Take jet skiing to new heights (literally) with Jetovator.  Unfortunately, you'll already need a jet ski for this.  Jetovator sits you on a mini-motorcycle looking object with a fiberglass body. The kit connects to your jet ski's water outlet, using it's engine to generate a strong rush of water that lifts you into the air as far as the included water hose will go.  Considering the hose is 50 ft long, you'll definitely be flying high. It's all yours for $8, 975.

5. Seabreacher

The Seabreacher Y is a luxury, personal submarine that measures only 17.5 x 3.5 x 4.75 feet. If can push underwater at a rate of 25 mph and hydroplane at speeds of up to 50 mph. It can also perform tricks underwater, which include sky-hops, dives and rolls.  Grab a friend for the ride, the cockpit seats two. Buy it for $100,000.

6. Tumidei XFit

Forget about your average home gym. XFit is an entire full body work out…in a closet. While tucked away, the entire gym folds into a customizable cabinet measuring 90 x 60 x 160 cm. When you're ready to work out, the system includes a treadmill, two sets of bands, an exercise bench and chrome dumbbells. The doors both have full-body mirrors on the backsides.  The bonus: it comes with a 19-inch LCD TV with a DVD player.  Grab it for $6, 332.

7. Hot tug

Travel comfortably with The Hog Tug boat.  With enough room to hold eight people, the Hot Tug can carry you from shore to shore across a lake or even from island to island.  If you get sick of soaking while riding to your destination, you'll have to bring a small submersible pump – that's pretty much the only downfall. It's yours for  $14,888. Read more here.

8. Actoid - Your own robotic doppelganger

When you're not in the mood to go into work or make an appearance at a public event, don't you wish you had a twin? Well now you can. Japanese retail store operator Sogo & Seibu have announced that they will take pre-orders starting in January for the Actoid, which is a life-size robot doppelganger. The Actoids can speak, move their upper bodies and show various facial expressions. If you're anti-social in the office, your Actoid will be good to go!  The price will be $225,000.  Read more here.