The greatest lacrosse movie of the 21st century - and, unless I'm mistaken, the only lacrosse movie of the 21st century - A Warrior's Heart stars Kellan Lutz as a high school lacrosse star torn up over the death of his dad in Iraq.

Luckily, he has a girlfriend, Brooklyn (Ashley Greene), who cares about him, and who offers deep and meaningful voice-overs when things get rough. "The heart's a funny thing," she tells us. "It can break. It can beat a little faster. But the most important thing it can do is heal.

"And if you follow it, it will lead you where you need to go."

Lutz's Conor Sullivan must not have been listening, though. He has lost the will to run and block and hurl a rubber ball into a goal. He's breaking stuff, and breaking the, yes, heart of his widowed mom (Gabrielle Anwar). And so he's sent off to the Six Nations Work Camp, an American Indian retreat where a Marine sergeant major played by Adam Beach has Conor take a sledgehammer to an old shack, and teaches him about the Indian origins of the game - it was called baaga'adowe - and its meaning in the grand scheme of things.

Twilight fans may get a little freaked out by the idea of two Cullen siblings - Lutz is Emmett in the vampire series, Greene is Alice - playing boyfriend and girlfriend, but hey, that's acting for you.

And anyway, the Cullens are too busy worrying about the Quileute, the Volturi, and what's for dinner to think about lacrosse.

But that's about all Conor has on his mind.

"I'm a lacrosse player," he declares. "And that's one thing that no one can ever take away from me."EndText