Foxcatcher Steve Carell, sporting an aquiline nose and a marionette's gait, morphs into Newtown Square millionaire John du Pont, a self-styled coach and sponsor of American wrestling.

By inviting Olympic gold medalists Dave and Mark Schultz (Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum) to live and train on his estate, du Pont invites disaster, too. Bennett Miller directs this slow-burning, brilliant account of a real-life tragedy. R

The Babadook From Australian director Jennifer Kent, an effectively creepy, darkly amusing look at the challenges of single parenting. A horror story about a mother and her son, haunted and taunted by a picture-book bogeyman come to life. It is imaginary, isn't it? No MPAA rating

Point and Shoot Fascinating, far-reaching documentary about Matthew VanDyke, a Baltimore native who embarked on a "crash course in manhood," taking a solo motorcycle trek across the Middle East and joining up with rebel fighters in the Libyan civil war. No MPAA rating