Point and Shoot Fascinating, far-reaching documentary about Matthew VanDyke, a Baltimore native who embarked on a "crash course in manhood," taking a solo motorcycle trek across the Middle East and joining rebel fighters in the Libyan civil war. No MPAA rating

The Theory of Everything The life, and loves, of British cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and best-selling author Stephen Hawking are given keen, poignant treatment, with Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as Jane Wilde, the student he meets at Cambridge and falls for. Then, the disease that forces Hawking's body to fold in on itself. PG-13

Wild Reese Witherspoon, wholly committed and wholly convincing, is Cheryl Strayed, the best-selling memoirist who hiked 1,100 miles, from the Mojave to the Cascades, trying to right a life gone terribly wrong. Blistered, bloodied feet were a sure thing; self-discovery less so. In the end, Strayed got both. R