Get Hard Kevin Hart, sorely missing from the big screen (what's it been, two months since his last pic?) teams with Will Ferrell in a comedy about a convicted white-collar criminal who enlists a guy he thinks has done time to teach him how to survive behind bars. R

Home Interplanetary pee jokes abound in DreamWorks Animation's kiddie comedy, about a purple four-legged footstool, I mean alien (the voice of Jim Parsons), and the cool Earthling girl (Rihanna) he befriends. PG

Queen and Country The sequel to John Boorman's 1987 Oscar-nominated gem, Hope and Glory, finds the British director's alter ego, Bill Rohan, grown from the scrappy lad of the London Blitz to a soldier training to fight in the Korean War. Callum Turner stars, with Richard E. Grant, David Thewlis and Tamsin Egerton. No MPAA rating