It Follows. Masterfully creepy, finely turned variation on the teen horror formula, with Maika Monroe as an unfortunate coed being followed by a shape-shifting entity bent on evil. Her friends don't know what to do. Is she having a breakdown, or is this for real? R

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. A downcast Japanese office worker - Babel's Rinko Kikuchi - leaves Tokyo behind after finding an old VHS tape that promises a briefcase of money buried in the snow in Fargo, N.D. Off she goes in this beautifully shot quest movie, full of ache and whimsy, dreamlike and strange. No MPAA rating

Seymour: An Introduction. Ethan Hawke's documentary portrait of Seymour Bernstein, the octogenarian pianist, composer, and teacher, is full of insights into music, art, and how we define our lives. Hawke, in the angsty throes of a mid-career crisis, looks to his subject for answers to life's big questions. Audiences might find sage counsel, too. PG