It's official. The Bridge Theater on Penn's campus and the Showcase at the Ritz in Voorhees, NJ have been acquired by Dallas-based Rave Motion Pictures, a boutique chain with locations in seven of the top ten strategic markets. According to company spkesman, Jeremy Devine, "It is our intention to maintain the art film programming" in Voorhees, such as it is. No name changes are imminent, although Devine said that Rave may want to re-brand with its name in the future.

My sources in Fort Worth tell me that they like Rave theaters (which are all under a decade old, as the chain was founded in 1999. Patrons particularly like the retractable armrests which can be pulled back for couples who want to cuddle or strangers who don't want to rub elbows with each other.

Here's Rave's link for the Bridge and for the Showcase Ritz.

What amenities do you want in your moviegoing experience? Consider this an open thread to tell the folks at Rave what you'd like to see happen at these theaters. Me? I'd like The Bridge to upgrade its concession stand to include healthier choices.