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Update: Remy Ma goes after Nicki Minaj again with 'Another One'

What is surprising is how fast Ma has followed up that viciousness – the newer-still "Another One" –   without a response from Nicki.

Along with watching her new duet recording with Fat Joe, Plata O Plomo, hit the Top 3 on Billboard's Independent Album Chart (right under Garth Brooks and Metallica), Ma made an appearance on March 3's The Wendy Williams Show to rip Minaj ("she's not a nice person"), dressed in funereal black in accordance with Ma's symbolic murder of Minaj ("I came appropriate for the services"), as well as drop information on her first solo album in 11 years, (Seven Winters & Six Summers, the amount of time Ma spent in prison starting in 2008).

The day of that appearance, Ma released "Another One," a slithering slow Minaj rant daring Nicki to respond to her, with lines such as "I kick a dead horse till it don't move/Don't come around me, now I got the crown, see/I beat you with punches in 48, you Ronda Rousey/The wigs and nose, you a whole clown, B."

Where Minaj is concerned, the only move that she's made is to pose with her left breast fully exposed (save for an Agent Provocateur nipple pasty) while sitting in the front row at the Haider Ackermann Womenswear Fall/Winter 2017/2018 fashion show in Paris on March 4. What's funny about that, is how Minaj is aping the appearance of another of her foes, lady rapper Lil' Kim who similarly showed off her exposed breast with naught but a pasty during 1999's MTV Video Music Awards (Billboard handily has comparison photos here.

Who has jumped into the fray to defend Minaj, rip Ma or just get publicity for her own career is old school female rapper Foxy Brown. On Brown's new Remy diss track called "Breaks Over," Foxy goes for blood by attacking Ma's well-documented problems with conception with the lyrics "Yeah, I heard about that b*tch miscarriage," ( a snippet can be found here.)

Yeah, this isn't going to end well for Brown. Stay tuned.