Elton John has made his enthusiasm for Philadelphia rock and roll band Low Cut Connie apparent on recent editions of his Rocket Hour radio show on Apple Music's Beats 1 station.

On Monday night, the knighted British piano man interviewed piano-pounding frontman Adam Weiner, whose flamboyant stage antics have a little bit of Sir Elton in them. The two bonded over their mutual affection for Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, penchant for beating up their instruments, and giving their pianos women's names. (Weiner calls his upright "Shondra," John has an "Aretha," a "Diana" after Diana Krall, and a "Winifred" after the late Trinidadian boogie-woogie and ragtime player Winifred Atwell.

Low Cut Connie have a history of high profile endorsements. In 2015, President Barack Obama put their song "Boozophilia" on his summer Spotify playlist. The band is currently on the road behind their Dirty Pictures (part 1) album, and is due at Union Transfer on September 8.

Listen to Weiner and John's conversation here. The radio show airs again tonight on Beats 1 at 7p.m.