The Nutty Professor

(7-9 p.m., S-F) - He's no Jerry Lewis, but he'll do. Eddie Murphy stretches his acting muscles in this 1996 remake of the Lewis classic. He plays several roles in addition to the title character, an overweight chemist who invents a formula that transforms him into the slim but smarmy Buddy Love. Jada Pinkett costars as the object of his affection. The film won an Oscar for makeup.

The Karate Kid

(7:30-10 p.m., FAM) - This is the delightful 1984 tale of a troubled youth (Ralph Macchio) who learns to stand on his own two feet - occasionally on only one - and face down the local bullies. Pat Morita shines as the handyman who schools young "Daniel-san" in the martial arts, including, of course, when not to use them. We dare you not to cheer at the end.

Bruce Almighty

(8-10 p.m., Fox29) - Tom Shadyac directed Jim Carrey in

Ace Ventura

, a broad, sophomoric laugh-fest best known for its animal flatulence jokes. So when the pair reteamed for this 2003 comedy about a TV reporter who gets passed over for one job only to be given divine power by God himself, no one expected this thought-provoking and big-hearted comedy. And that, in a movie about miracles, is probably the biggest one of all.


(9-10 p.m., CBS3) - A convicted murderer from Mick's (Alex O'Loughlin) past has been released from prison and is threatening to expose Mick's ... er, unique status. Mick knows this is going to freak out Beth (Sophia Myles) no matter whom she hears it from, so should he tell her first? Jason Dohring also stars in "Out of the Past."

Funniest Commercials of the Year: 2007

(10-11 p.m., TBS) - You might think that the last way you want to invest an hour is sitting through a bumper crop of TV commercials, but the creative and witty entries included here are among the best of their breed. Kevin Nealon hosts the special, which covers commercials from the United States and around the world - some in the latter category too risque for American television.