* THE SIMPSONS. 8 p.m. Sunday, Fox29.

The 550th episode - yes, 550th - transforms Springfield into a world of interlocking plastic pieces, in a Lego-themed extravaganza titled "Brick Like Me." Can you say co-branding, boys and girls?

* GAME OF THRONES. 9 p.m. Sunday, HBO.

If we've learned nothing else this season, it's that the show's writers are more willing than ever to depart from the still-unfinished George R.R. Martin books. Putting longtime fans and newbies on a level playing field only makes the guessing games more fun.

* RESURRECTION. 9 p.m. Sunday, 6ABC.

The first-season finale of TV's latest back-from-the-dead show finds the small town of Arcadia in a fix, as the influx of returnees triggers a response that threatens to turn a miracle into a nightmare.


Some call it the "nerd prom," and, sure, you can watch this ethically suspect meeting of Washington power players and pop-culture figures on CNN or MSNBC. But I love it most on C-SPAN, whose "red-carpet coverage" has in the past consisted of a live feed of arriving guests and an adorably clueless voice-over (one year, an actor was described as "one of the Quaids" before being definitively identified as "Dennis"). If you just want to catch Joel McHale's performance - and President Obama's expression - tune in about 9.