Don't miss these five this week.

"The Comeback," season finale It's only the biggest night of Valerie's life - she's at the Emmys as a nominee - so you know she's going to be perfectly insufferable. 10 p.m. ET Sunday on HBO.

"Branson Famous," series premiere The longest-running show in Branson, Mo., the mecca for mainstream country music, is Baldknobbers Jamboree. Now, with box office slumping, the Mabe family tries to reinvent itself. There are growing pains galore. 10 p.m. Monday on truTV.

"Twilight Zone" Marathon It's a hallowed TV tradition: You can lose yourself in Rod Serling's macabre universe as the calendar turns. There will be 85 episodes from start (8 a.m. Wednesday) to finish (5 a.m. Friday) on Syfy.

¡Feliz 2015! You can ring in the new year with specials on ABC, CNN, MTV, PBS, or Fox. By why not try something muy fresca? The Latin-flavored festivities take place live in five locales, from Times Square to Acapulco. ¡Prospero año nuevo! 8 p.m. Wednesday on Univision.

The Rose Bowl Parade It's 126 years for the colorful Jan. 1 procession in Pasadena, Calif., - 88 for NBC covering it (going back to radio) and 18 for Al Roker, who cohosts with Hoda Kotb. Hangover, begone! 11:30 a.m. Thursday on NBC10.