Anna Friel turns in a mind-bending performance in Marcella, a twisty mystery. Friel (American Odyssey) plays Detective Sergeant Marcella Backland, a London police detective who spins out of control when her husband (Nicholas Pinnock) leaves her for his coworker (Maeve Dermody), who happens to be the heir to a billion-dollar real estate empire. When the lover turns up dead, Marcella suspects she killed the woman herself. But she's not quite sure: That's because Marcella is prone to bouts of rage that disappear in the ether of amnesia.

This crazy string of events all takes place in the first few minutes of this remarkable, six-episode series created by Hans Rosenfeldt, the Swedish writer behind the original version of The Bridge.

Despite her meltdown, Marcella continues investigating a brutal series of murders that has the city in a panic, and she reconnects with a cop (Jamie Bamber) - who is investigating the heiress' death.

Complex, ultradark, and filled with more red herrings than an Agatha Christie novel, Marcella is a unique, powerful crime drama.

Where to stream it: Netflix.

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