Upper Darby's own Tina Fey returned to her old stomping grounds at Saturday Night Live to take on fellow SNL alum Rachel Dratch and guest host Natalie Portman in a Super Bowl showdown.

The sketch takes place in the days of the Revolutionary war and begins with Dratch, Portman and other New Englanders bragging about their dominance against the British and their fearless captain, Thomas Brady.

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That is, until Fey, Kenan Thompson (who, in the sketch, is West Philadelphia born and raised) and Mikey Day offer their own rebuttal.

"Like Iggles, we Philadelphians are swift, we are deadly and our eyes are all a little too close together," Fey says.

She comes bearing snacks from Wawa, the "Indian lady who lives right outside of Conshohocken."

Pumping up the Eagles once more, she adds, "From all our mom moms and pop pops, we're ready to fight. Billy's gonna win and one of these guys are going to punch a police horse."

Beck Bennett's revolutionary-era killjoy has some advice for Philadelphians: "Be cool. Just because the British don't burn your city doesn't mean you have to."

Fey is no stranger to defending the Eagles on TV, including jokes from her stints at 30 Rock and SNL where she took on former Weekend Update partner and Patriots fan Amy Poehler last time the Eagles played the Patriots in the Super Bowl.