Dina Matos McGreevey will appear today on

The Oprah Winfrey Show

, breaking a long public silence to talk about her new book on life with former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, who announced he was homosexual in August 2004 and resigned from office.

Matos McGreevey and her publisher declined comment yesterday, but the publisher on its Web page promises "scalding honesty" as she deconstructs "the tangled mixture of fear, sorrow, and anger" she felt when her husband famously declared: "My truth is I am a gay American."

Matos McGreevey, who has rejected attempts by this newspaper and others to interview her, is apparently banking on an Oprah appearance to boost sales of her book, Silent Partner, as McGreevey did with his own book last year.

While Matos McGreevey's spokespeople have insisted she did not know her husband was gay until right before he resigned, his recent filings in their divorce case say he believed she did know he was gay before they were married.

The former governor's book, The Confession, had an early sales spike when it came out in September, but flattened out, selling about 36,000 copies.

New York publisher Hyperion Books reports that Matos McGreevey is doing a handful of book signings in North Jersey.

Amazon.com says she's ranked at 1,762 in book sales. It also is packaging both McGreevey books together under the banner: "Better Together."

The McGreeveys married in October 2000 while he was gearing up for his second run for governor.

The couple have a 5-year-old daughter and are battling over her custody.

Matos McGreevey issued a statement in January announcing the pending publication of her book: "I've had a lot of requests for interviews and appearances, but thought it best for my daughter [Jacqueline] and myself to stay out of the public maelstrom. . . . But two years have passed and still I am the subject of much speculation as to the nature of my relationship with my husband. Enough is enough."

Hence the book.