Looks like Colombian chanteuse Shakira will be leaving NBC's The Voice. Hints as light as grand pianos have been falling from her and from various network reps. She finally confirmed it yesterday, citing her musical career and the stresses on her baby, Milan, born to her and her bf, footballer Gerard Piqué, in January. Christina Aguilera will take that reported $12 million to $17 million (!!), thanks, and step in for Shakira for Season 5 in September - and possibly Cee Lo Green, replacing Usher?

Jolie in a hallowed space and Time

Angelina Jolie is on the cover of Time, reserved for faces who have made news and changed the world. She did both when she announced she'd had a preventive double mastectomy after a genetic screening showed she had a mutated gene that carried a very high risk of breast cancer. She's not full-face, but in pensive black-and-white profile; the photo predated her surgery.

MJ denier-turned-accuser spills

On Thursday morn's Today, Wade Robson, 30, Australian dancer, told host Matt Lauer that deceased pop star Michael Jackson "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him." Robson was a member, as a child, of MJ's traveling tour. In April, Robson came out with allegations of abuse, and he's filed a late creditor's petition against MJ's estate. All of which is disturbing, since Robson has defended Jackson in criminal investigations since 1993, including flat denials of sexual activity in the 2005 molestation case. He claims MJ trained him to lie about the abuse.

Items worth itemizing item by item

Fashion and sexual fantasy (and sometime football player) David Beckham, 38, has announced he's quitting soccer after this season. At the moment, he's a midfielder for French footie-guys Paris Saint-Germain. . . . Hugh Hefner just bought a $5 million house in the Hollyweird Hills. He and wife Crystal Harris co-own it, although they'll continue to live at the Playboy Mansion. Strangely, Hugh does not own the PM; he just pays rent. So he's thinking of Crystal's future. . . . Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are having the longest divorce proceedings ever! They're haggling over spousal support now, including Demi's little request for $25 million to renovate her San Remo apartment overlooking Central Park. If they haggle much longer, it'll be over burial arrangements. . . . Is this a good idea? Reese Witherspoon and hubs Jim Toth, arrested last month for disorderly conduct in a DUI-related stop in Atlanta, during which Reese snarled some delectable things to police, were spotted Tuesday at Soho House New York, eatin' and, yep, guzzlin'. Don't drive home, you two. . . . One Direction, current boffo boy band, announced the first group of dates for their 2014 "Where We Are" world tour. More to come, including (some hope) U.S. dates. . . . Scarlett Johansson will make her directorial debut, helming the film version of Truman Capote's almost-lost novel, Summer Crossing. Shooting begins next year.