Q: I went online recently and noticed that a guy I've been seeing, sort of off and on, is back on the Internet dating site where we originally met. He has new pictures and says he's ready to settle down and that he wants a long-term relationship. His description of the type of woman he's looking for sounds a lot like me.

Meanwhile, I haven't seen him in a few weeks. Whenever we get together, we have a nice time but there's no spark. We never kiss. Just hang out. He pays for dinner, though, and is always a perfect gentleman. Seeing him back online hurts my feelings. It makes me wonder if something is wrong with me.

Mia: Dating is like going to Baskin-Robbins, girl. You might order mint chocolate chip every time you go, then suddenly you feel like butter pecan. It doesn't mean you don't like mint chocolate chip any more. You just may be in the mood for something else. The same is true when it comes to finding the right person to love. Your tastes change sometimes. Try not to take what this dude is doing personally. Get a scoop of something different yourself.

Steve: This reminds me of that bad pop song from the '70s where the guy takes out a personal ad to meet a woman and his girlfriend answers it. Don't feel hurt. It's not personal. It's romance.

Q: I snooped around in my husband's laptop and discovered that he is interacting with a female porn star. I'm not so much worried about his watching porn, but I'm concerned about his online interactions with this woman. In my mind, that's cheating. What do you think?

Mia: I'm with you. Put him in check or drag him into marriage counseling.

Steve: Hard to believe porn stars would waste their time chatting for free online. Tell your hubby he might be chatting with some ugly old dude pretending to be a porn star.