We can't all be the athletic friend. In each respective friend group, there can only be one person who shops for running shoes instead of fashionable footwear that leaves you with as many blisters as dollars spent.

But we can be the creative friend. The supportive friend. The Philadelphia Marathon is on Sunday, Nov. 19 (the half takes place the day prior), and all our athletic friends are going to need cheering squads. That's 26.2 miles of support.

So, if the thought of waking up before the sun to put in some miles gives you the creeps, consider instead putting pen (or marker, or crayon) to paper and crafting a Philly-centric marathon sign to cheer on your athletic friend. We'll even tell you the best place to hold your signs.

You're running faster than Comcast internet

Where to stand: 16th and Arch Streets

Bet this isn't the only time you've run away from South Street

Where to stand: South Street between Front and Sixth Streets

Free chalupas

Where to stand: The Taco Bell at 11th and Chestnut Streets

F– it, let's get a cheesesteak

Where to stand: 34th Street and Girard Avenue

The Mummers can't touch your strut 

Where to stand: Martin Luther King Drive and Black Road (The Vaudevillains NYB will be at this cheering location.)

Hurry up: The PPA's about to tow your car

Where to stand: Sedgley Avenue and Kelly Drive

Don't turn around: The Phanatic is naked

Where to stand: Main Street in Manayunk

You're cultivating mass 

Where to stand: Kelly Drive and Ferry Street

Free citywides and an Eagles Superbowl win at the finish line

Where to stand: Kelly and Fountain Green Drives

Philadelphia Marathon

7 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 19, 22nd Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway, near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.