It all began with a simple poll: "What cheese belongs on a cheesesteak?"

The results flew in the face of conventional wisdom:

Cheez Whiz finished third.

What? The pundits advising candidates to go for the Whiz might be, gasp, out of touch?

That led to an Inquirer story and a runoff poll.

The story deflated the Whiz balloon a bit, telling how it (a) wasn't the first cheese on cheesesteaks, and (b) isn't even offered at some very popular steak shops. (To check the article out, see link in the list at right.)

The runoff poll pitted the original poll's top two - American and provolone.

After 2,070 votes, provolone had the biggest slice, with 1,079 votes to American's 991.

A decisive victory?

Maybe, maybe not.

We could declare a winner.

But the more votes the merrier - and more accurate, right? So, here's the poll again, with a chance for late-comers and previous abstainers to cast their ballots, too.