Company description: Grilled chicken, hearth-roasted apples, candied pistachios, dried cranberries, feta, mixed greens and caramel vinaigrette.

Chain: Cosi.

Calories: 515, with 26 grams of fat, 27 grams of protein and 597 mgs of salt.

Location: 833 Chestnut St.

Order time: A few minutes.

Price: $7.99.

Review: It takes a lot to get the Chain Gang to not order a Cosi thin crust flatbread pizza. But we always like to try their specials, too, and the Autumn Apple Chicken Salad is a winner. With soft-cooked apples, cranberries and candied pistachios, it's plenty sweet. But it gets a little tang from small pieces of feta, and protein from diced chicken. Even with a Mojito Lemonade, you can eat a lunch of less than 900 calories.

Synopsis: A freshly made salad that's sweet and satisfying.