Gigi's and Big R

What is it? Caribbean soul: The Caribbean comes from Haitian-born co-owner Elukene "Big R" Rene. The soul is Thomas Bacon. His mom, Gigi, hails from Georgia.

Where is it? Corner of 38th and Spruce, seven days a week. (Closed New Year's Day.)

What to eat: Extra-spicy jerk chicken (ingredients are secret, but Bacon confesses to cilantro and hot peppers), fried-to-order fish (whiting or tilapia), oniony collards, sweet cabbage and potato salad. But honestly, it's all good.

What you'll spend: $8 for a small platter that's fairly big; $10 for a large platter that's real big. Both include two sides.

Side note: We also like the homemade mac-and-cheese, and peppery red beans and rice.

Another side note: All sides are meatless.

Next up: The 11-year-old business is planning a bunch of new menu items. Early next year, look for baked salmon, fried or Alfredo shrimp and smoky pork and beef ribs.

Second location: 5943 Haverford Ave. is mostly takeout, with a couple of chairs if you gotta eat right away.

Contact: 215-765-9442, @Gigi_BigR.