_ Practice good beer karma: Don't shove; there's plenty of beer.

_ Carry a bottle of water. Don't waste valuable time and space ordering H2O from the bartender.

_ Pick up the official Philly Beer Week keepsake guide at participating bars and restaurants. It's loaded with maps, events and beer information.

_ Do a bit of pre-planning by searching PhillyBeerWeek.org's event calendar for favorite events, venues and breweries.

_ Don't fret when you miss a great event. It's impossible to hit 'em all, so be content with your own beer karma.

_ And, even if you miss an event, it's not too late. Sometimes bars do not completely kick featured kegs, and the beer will be available a day or two later.

_ Focus on one neighborhood for the day. Sections like Northern Liberties, Fairmount and South Philly boast many events daily, allowing you to create your own pub crawl.

_ Join Joe Sixpack on the Mini of the Mainline Hammer of Glory tour June 7. Stop by the Beer Garden and hop into a Mini Cooper to register for a chance to win a free night out with your favorite beer reporter.

_ Visit the Philly Beer Week Garden, at the Headhouse Shambles (2nd and Pine streets) any evening from Monday through June 7 for event info (and food, beer and live music).

_ Buy a round for the table. Especially if I'm sitting at your table. That's more good karma.

_ Walk it off. A little downtime between pints will serve you well.

_ Download the smartphone app. It's free, completely searchable and, thanks to GPS, automatically tells you the location and time of the next closest beer event.

_ Carry a small notebook or download the Untappd app to keep track of beers you've tasted.

_ Keep in touch with your Facebook invites and Twitter feeds (#pbw2013) for the latest buzz.

_ Eat! Look for a fun food-and-beer pairing event.

_ Use public transportation or hire the neighbor's kid as your personal chauffeur for the evening.

_ Tip generously - that's the ultimate manifestation of good beer karma.